ALCHEMY is a lifestyle collective that creates wearable artefacts driven by a desire to foster synergies between the product and person through a symbolic visual identity and material language.

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By, Ashley Teo, Cassilda T Ng, Chloe Wong, Felicia Aw

Creative Director, Product Designer, Social Media: Ashley Teo
Director of Photographer, Art Director, Product Designer: Cassilda T Ng
Executive Producer, Product Designer, Social Media: Chloe Wong
Editor, Product Designer: Felicia Aw  

Production Roles:
Creative Director, Set Design Lead: Ashley Teo
Director of Photography: Cassilda T Ng
Stylist, Hair and Makeup, Executive Producer: Chloe Wong
Stylist, Hair and Makeup: Felicia Aw
Hair and Makeup Assistant: Rayna Pramana
Set Design, Production Assistant: Rahul Rehman

Special thanks To:
Joey, Model
Weibin, Model
Ali Jasman (AJ),Videographer, Assistant Video Editor
Farris, Gaffer