Translating the rich Indonesian culture and heritage into contemporary designs, RAOS incorporates both the physical and digital realms into their avant-garde creations, aims  to not just be accessories added on to the wearer, but to merge and be one with them.

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By Corinne Janita, Brigitta Viannie, Kelly Lewi, Rayna Pranama, Jin Y

Creative Director, Product Designer, Hair and Makeup:    Corinne Janita
Creative Director, Product Designer: Brigitta Viannie
Photographer, Videographer, Product Designer: Kelly Lewi
Stylist, Product Designer: Rayna Pramana
Branding, Product Designer: Jin Y

Special thanks to:
Laura Louis, Assistant Hair and Makeup
Tandy Low, Gaffer
Ashley Teo, Executive Producer
Rahul Rehman, Product Model, Producer
Tiara Rahyuni, Model
Kuku Claudia, Model
Coki Musik, Music