LIA wants to embark on a slow and purposeful journey
with its customers to discover and understand their
ever-changing identities, using biomimicry as the
methodology for the brand’s luxury accessories.

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By Belina Lim Fang Ci, Keefe Lam Jing Sen, Lee Hyunju, Danisha Liang Yi Fang, Chin Meei Alcina

Creative Director, Art Director: Belina Lim Fang Ci
Art Director, Photography, Videography: Chin Meei, Alcina
Rendering Artist, Stylist: Keefe Lam Jing Sen
Writer, Hair and Makeup: Danisha Liang Yi Fang
Stylist: Lee Hyunju

Product Designer: Belina Lim Fang Ci, Chin Meei Alcina, Keefe Lam Jing Sen, Danisha Liang Yi Fang, Lee Hyunju

Special thanks to:
Liew Zi Qi, Model
Tandy Low, Gaffer