Borne out of an anguished need to foster togetherness and a sense of strength in numbers against the oppressive forces
that will destroy our world if left unchecked, MACROCOSM seeks to think of the world beyond ourselves. This is MACROCOSM’s answer for help personified.

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By Nicholas See Wen Bin, Vernice Tia Zi Xuan, Toh Su Jun, Tay Yun Ting Lavon, Spenninger Melissa

Creative Director, Digital Editor, Writer: Nicholas See
Executive Producer, Social Media: Vernice Tia
Director of Photography & Videography, Digital Editor, Illustrator: Toh Su Jun
Stylist, Accounts & PR Executive, Writer: Tay Yun Ting, Lavon
Art Director, Illustrator: Spenninger Melissa

Production Roles:
Creative Director, Set Design Lead: Nicholas See
Executive Producer, Hair and  Makeup Artist: Vernice Tia
Director of Photography & Videography, Set Designer: Toh Su Jun
Stylist, Production & Lighting Assistant: Tay Yun Ting, Lavon
Production Assistant, Set Design Assistant: Spenninger Melissa

Special thanks to:
Dion Chai, Talent
Cheryl Yip, Talent
Ewan Leong, Production Assistant