ERISED is a collective endeavour which aims to empower artists on the move with the desire for freedom of expression through multifaceted maximalist pieces.

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By, Marilyn Kwok, Chua Rui Bin, Tandy Low, Jesselyn Chellyca, Crystal Lim

Creative Director, Art Director: Marilyn Kwok
Assistant Art Director, Hair and Makeup Artist: Chua Rui Bin
Photographer, Videographer, Marketing & PR Executive: Tandy Low
Stylist, Marketing & PR Executive: Jesselyn Chellyca
Assistant Photographer, Marketing & PR Executive: Crystal Lim

Special thanks to:
Christy Alyssa, Model
Rahul Rehman and Kelly Lewi, Gaffer
Kelly Lewi, Assistant Photographer
Corrine Janita, Assistant Hair and Makeup
Ashley Teo, Executive Producer
Cedric Chern, Sound Engineer