Text by Naina Goenka, Ja’el Lim Joon Yee

Belief, according to Megan, plays a pivotal role in the effectiveness of crystal healing. She asserts that even non-believers can experience a boost in positive energy, but true believers harness the full potential of these energies. She continually underscores the power of manifestation, where faith in the universe’s response can bring about the best outcomes.

In physics, energy is defined as the quantitative property of heat and light transferred to a body. However, when it comes to the human body, energy comes from four main areas: the body, emotions, mind and soul. Through specific rituals, we can expand and renew our energy. Energy healing practices manipulate the body’s energy systems to restore balance and promote healing. These practices are found in various forms around the world and often have cultural or historical roots.

Energy healing has various disciplines, one being crystal healing. Crystal healing is a form of energy healing that involves the use of various crystals and gemstones to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Each crystal has its own unique vibrational frequency. It is believed that these vibrations interact with the body’s chakra system - energy centres. When a specific crystal is placed in contact with the body, it resonates with the body’s energy, restoring balance and creating harmony. While it is a practice that has become more popular in recent years, the use of crystals in healing has a global history and can be found in various cultures around the world. Especially the happening of Covid-19 pandemic, when the majority of the world was quarantined at home for an extended period of time, many individuals tapped into self- healing practices.

Eventually prompting many to seek spiritualism and energy beliefs as a source of remedy. Dr. Stuart McClean, an expert is salutogenesis, believes although modern esoteric or new age healing practices, like the usage of healing crystals, can be defined as a social movement with diverse goals, they also demonstrate a variety of personal and interpersonal values such as self-responsibility, psychological growth, and creativity. Crystal healing can be conducted both directly as well as indirectly.

Being a 22-year-old self-proclaimed nature witch, who wholeheartedly embraces crystal energy healing, Megan’s journey began when her sister, a devoted crystal enthusiast, introduced her to the captivating world of gemstones. Megan was instantly captivated and decided to dive deeper. Her passion for crystal healing led her to establish a shop, specialising in crystal infused candles, dedicated to promoting healing and well-being.

Megan is on a mission to debunk the myths surrounding witchcraft. She emphasises that it’s not synonymous with evil, and she actively educates people about its positive aspects. For Megan, crystals are more than just pretty stones; they’re tools for manifesting her desires and transforming her life. She shares a personal transformational story, detailing how crystals helped her shed negativity, embrace positivity, and gain inner strength.

In Megan’s world, direct healing through crystals is a tangible reality, achieved through the manifestation of one’s desires by creating a profound connection with the energies they emit.

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In order to understand how crystal healing happens indirectly, let’s take a look at another story of a tarot reader. Tarot reading is a form of divination rather than a traditional energy healing practice. However, tarot readings can be used as a means of gaining insight, guidance, and a sense of empowerment into one’s life, which in turn can have an indirect impact on one’s emotional and mental well-being. While tarot readings are not a direct form of energy healing, they can be considered a tool for self reflection and self awareness, and promote a sense of emotional and psychological relief.

Jamie Lee has been a tarot reader by profession since 2020. She embarked on this magical journey because she was going through turbulent times in her relationship, and wanted to seek answers to unending questions that made her more directionless than ever. She encountered tarot reading and upon further research and practice, she tried her hands at these. Mystically, her readings turned out to be accurate. She was encouraged by others around her to pursue it further which in turn made her enjoy the art even more and she eventually decided to turn it into a career. She strongly believes that tarot is a great way to gain clarity and use it as guidance to decide your next steps instead of using it as a prediction. The purpose of her reading is to heal one’s suffering- to give them a clear picture and make them realise their potential to heal their soul, mind and body through this wonderful art theory.

An important aspect in this process is to ensure that the intention of the person in concern comes in with an open mind to receive the reading, especially for those who are encountering this practice for the first time. She shared how one of her clients wanted to give up on her studies but she motivated her to pursue her dreams through positive thinking. With time, she started believing in her abilities and this made her stick to her conviction. Jamie finally concluded that practices like crystal healing and belief in metaphysical energies can significantly boost one’s self confidence and well-being.

However, they should never be the sole pillars upon which you rely on in your life’s journey. They are valuable tools, but they work most effectively when they compliment your inner strength and determination. In all, the world of energy healing and esoteric practices remains a dynamic and evolving landscape where individuals find comfort, clarity, and healing. The personal values associated with these theories contribute to a holistic approach to well-being, thereby offering a unique path to self discovery through inducement of positivity in and around us. Whatever be the approach to self healing, being positive through your mind, body, emotions and soul remains the basis of it.